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Stainless plates and can be said also steel plates that are resistant to rust and also always functioned in the cooking and beverage industry. or able to be the latest with water, salt and also chemicals. This plate has a variety of meanings as well as usefulness when compared with other materials.

This stainless has the capability at the least level of chemical pollution in cooking. This variety is very simple to make clean, long-standing also resistant to the attack of disease seeds. Because you have a good enough operator habit.

variety Stainless Plates

Stainless Plate 304

Stainless plate 304 has a nickel content of 8% – 10% who have a habit of breaking bones are also soft. Stainless 304 plate variety is generally used in the work of devices that must be through the way of press or make. Stainless 304 is a miniature Food Grade variety plate (guaranteed if used / when it comes to drinks or food). Therefore Stainless 304 is often used to make work on food furniture, drinks and kitchens. Stainless Plate 304 also has a rust persistence that is quite good when compared to stainless plates 201.

At that time stainless plate 304 was also able to function as a form in a similar room in the form of a motel elevator room. Also able to be functioned to make the shape of the mall room make furniture needs and also next to other products. The dimensions of Stainless Plate 304 there are a number of types, namely:

beginning Stainless Plate 304/ss304 format 4′ x 8′ (120 millimeters x 2400 millimeters)

2 Stainless Plates 304/ss304 5′ x 20′ (1500 millimeters x 6000 millimeters)

3rd Stainless Plate 304/ss304 6′ x 20′ format (1800 millimeters x 6000 millimeters)

With a multifaceted thickness starting from 0.4 millimeters reach a thickness of 50 millimeters.

  1. Stainless Plate 316

This type of plate 2 is Stainless Plate 316 has a nickel content between 12% to the according to the bound to the factory. Stainless Plate 316 is a plate that is very sturdy to face acidic substances. Stainless 316 can last that long in seawater.

Stainless 316 is often found in seaside areas because it can survive. In moist and acidic areas of the top. Therefore Stainless 316 is often used for industry used in chemical jugs, data processing electrodes. Stainless 316 has a variety of dimensions, namely:

beginning Stainless 316/ss316 in 4′ x 8′ (1200 millimeter x 2400 millimeter) format

2nd Stainless 316/ss316 in 5′ x 20′ format (1500 mm x 6000 mm)

Ke-3  Stainless 316/ss316 di format 6′ x 20′ (1800 mm x 6000 mm)

Pelat Stainless punya ketebalan dimulai dengan 1 mm sampai 150 mm.

biasanya Pelat Stainless punya beberapa tipe penampakan yang dibilang dengan finis. Finis yang sedia dalam Pelat SUS 304 terdiri dalam 2. merupakan Finish Pelat Stainless 1B juga Finish Pelat Stainless 2B atau DOB.”

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